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Name:Anime Rare Het Wishes
Posting Access:All Members, Moderated
Community description:A community to promote rare het pairings in fanworks.
Welcome to Anime Rare Het Wishes!

The purpose of this community is to promote rare het pairings in anime fanworks. It operates on a simple concept: here you can post your own wishlist of het rarepairs from anime and manga, and/or browse other members' wishlists to find wishes you can fulfill. (Use the tags to search member wishlists by fandom.)

This post contains all of the information and rules you should need to join in. Read the following sections, and if you still have any questions, just drop them in a comment on this entry.


Because rarepairs are by definition hard to come by, this is not an exchange, and there will currently be no set timeframe for this to run. We will be open for wishlists and wish-granting works as long as people want to play. If there ends up being a lull in activity, we may take a hiatus and come back later for a new round. (In which case, members will be invited to submit new, updated wishlists at that time.)

Of course, since rarepairs are by definition used in few creative works, there is no guarantee that someone will want to write your favorite. However, the hope is that by offering a dedicated place to focus on rare het pairings, this community will inspire writers (and artists!) to create works about them. If you're a creator, please be encouraged to try some pairings you normally wouldn't--and please know that those of us who wish for rarepairs are especially grateful to receive works about them.

In case anyone is wondering: yes, your mod is a fan of several het rarepairs. That's why I feel there's a need for this community. I know firsthand the frustration of being able to find few--if any--works about my favorite het pairings. My hope is that bringing rarepair wishes together in one place will attract creators who are interested in challenging themselves, and who would like to give some particular joy to fans whose favorite pairings are usually overlooked.


Rarepair wishes that may be posted in this community must meet two criteria.

1. The wish must be for a het pairing in an anime/manga fandom. This means a romantic relationship between a canonical male and female character. (No genderbends, and no threesomes/etc.)

2. There must be no more than ten authors who have written the pairing on Archive Of Our Own or If it falls under that limit on either site, it qualifies. (Please note: I chose this number based on my experience with my own rarepairs. If members feel this limit for defining rarepairs should be adjusted, I am open to doing so.)

Of course, standard rules of good behavior also apply. Play nice with each other. In particular, do not disparage any rarepair favored by another member. Your mod knows firsthand how it feels to be on the receiving end of pairing-bashing, so it will absolutely not be tolerated.

...And that's pretty much it. There are no rating restrictions on works that can be submitted to fulfill wishes (other than those wishers themselves may specify), and there is no minimum or maximum word count. If you're willing to offer anything that adds to the internet's meager number of works about a het rarepair, it will be welcome!


Please use the following template for posting your wishlist. Re-paste the last four fields on the form (fandom, pairing, rating, and comments) and fill them out separately for each different pairing you wish for. You may apply existing fandom tags to your post; if there is no tag for one of your fandoms, the mod will add it when reviewing your wishlist.

Please use the following header template when posting fic or art to fulfill a wish. If you post the work directly to the community, you must place the body of the work under a cut. You are also welcome to link to the work on another site.

This is not a requirement, but when you post a wish-filling fic, it is highly encouraged that you also link to it in a comment on the wisher's original post. That way, they should get a notification about the story, even if they are not actively watching the community.


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